established 1908



JUNE 16th to MARCH 14th
Peg numbers 75 down to 36.

Then the WDAA lengths cease for the next 36 pegs which are controlled by Meadowbank angling club. Right behind the salt mines now, this area is very popular with dog walkers and cyclists, so beware of your pole and do not block the path on the 'bend'. Large Carp and Pike inhabit this slow, deep length, and the usual shoals of Bream, Eels and Roach, plus the occasional Tench. Spinning or deadbaits for the Pike and boily on the far margins for the Carp as they pass through. Feeder or pole for the skimmers and Bream. Public notice boards on the top of the bank give some insight into the areas salt history and are well worth a look.

Access either from Newbridge,a trolley or barrow is advised.
or the National car park,a key is required for the car park.

Night fishing is available for 48hrs.


All anglers fishing the association pools and rivers, have the right ,whenever questioned by a bailiff of the association, to request that the bailiff also is able to show his/her card. If any members are asked to leave the water for whatever reason by a bailiff and he/she fails to produce a valid bailiff card please contact a member of the fishery management team or comittee.