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Every effort has been made to decipher the reports but some of the handwriting is illegible.
  Sensitive omissions are inevitable. A hash tag after names indicates illegible writing.
Venue names will be as written (modern place names in brackets). Transcribed from the
original minutes (some copies supplied by the Winsford local history society).
O S survey maps courtesy of
National Library of Scotland.

Part 5

Winsford and Distrtict Anglers Association 1939-1959]

Maps OS1 WHARTON 1899



Map of Wharton 1945 showing the Albert Infirmary, Nun house farm
and golf course, and the pool called Lakeside.

Bradford Mill Pool completely emptied overnight at some point during 1930-1940.
Rookery pool dam collapsed 1940.
Vale Royal Estates sold to Cheshire county council in 1946.

1939 to 1946 no records during ww2
26th August @ Rechabites rest
Chairman A.Preston. Members present J.Yearsley, A.Middleton, G.Pickstock, S.Burgess,
P.Brandon. Mr G.Kin was appointed bailiff for Tommy's hole.
26th February @ Rechabites rest AGM
President R.Jackson, Chairman A.Preston, vice chair A.Middleton, Secretary S.Oakes,
Treasurer A.Wright. The water bailiffs are J.Johnson and W.Hickson.
K.Hanson won the
Bryning cup with a 1lb 6oz bream and a prize of 11s 3d.

4th May @ Ark inn
Permission was given by Mr N.Hopley to net his pools (knights grange), with the fish destined for Newpool.Northwich anglers are allowed one days netting at the Ocean and they are to pay us £10 and Mr W.Scott £5.
20th August @ rechabites rest
There was a memoriam for John Hitchen, an old member.
17th December @ rechabites rest
Poaching- the secretary reported that he had found members fishing Top flash and Trelfas hole. As these waters are private property it was pointed out that this trespass can be harmful to the association.
Major Jackson, Lord Delamere's Vale Royal 'agent' dies aged 83.
24th February @ rechabites rest AGM
All officers returned as last year. A testimonial to T.Fowles, and a £2 2/- donation. It was reported that one bailiff W.Hickson had sold £17 10/- of Vale royal cards, the other bailiff had sold 12/-. It was decided that it would be better to have only one bailiff. Matches are still only 2 hours in length. L.Green won the Bryning cup with a 2lb 10oz bream and a prize of 12/-. The Infirmary cup is now fished for as a specimen cup for the best fish from club waters- this years fish shall be a gudgeon, entry is 6d and the competition closes on 31st December.Crewe pioneers and Middlewich AS share the Wimboldsley waters with us (upper weaver).
2nd September @ rechabites rest
The association is to write to the Inland Waterways executive at Northwich regarding renting the length of river near the vacuum plant.
7th October @ rechabites rest
Present G.Ledwards, W.Brandon, P.Brandon, S.Newall, Chairman A.Preston.
11th November @ rechabites rest
Present G.Wilkinson. The permit to fish the new length of river was produced. New notice boards are to be placed. Mr Greaves water is to be restricted to WDAA members only.

........................................................................vacuum(vacuum today)
23 February @ Ark inn AGM
President P.Jackson, Chairman A.Preston, vice chair L.Green, Secretary S.Oakes,Treasurer A.Wright. Present J.Bailey, A.Stubbs. Kidsgrove and district anglers affiliated. A.Preston won the Bryning cup with a bream of 2lb 6oz 11dr and a prize of 13/3. L.Green won the Infirmary cup with a godgeon of 1oz 9dr and a prize of 10/-. Northwich Joint Anglers secretary was present and made a plea for help restocking the canal they had taken over from Middlewich to Acton Bridge,it was agreed that for £5 to us and £5 to Mr W.Scott they are allowed a days netting at the Ocean, and we will help in any way we can.
October @ Ark inn
Permision has been obtained to fish Topflash and Trelfas hole- no more than 6 anglers at any time, special permits to be printed and only issued as necessary to club members, no fishing friday and saturday from the 14th September to the 31st January inclusive, no night fishing, no angler to fish it more than once a week, special permits to be returned to the water bailiff on the same day as issued, rent will be £5 per annum. British Legion AS apply to affiliate.
25th January @ rechabites rest AGM

Secretary S.Oakes. The first match of 1951 is to be held at Wades crossing. Members cards have increased from 5/- to 6/-, Pensioners at 1/-, day tickets from 6d to 1/-, individual cards from 4/- to 5/-, Vale Royal cards from 5/- to 6/-, day tickets for Vale Royal are 2/-. Mr Hicksons bailiff payment was raised from £2 to £3 10/-. British Legion Middlewich have withdrawn their application to affiliate.
June@ Ark inn
Meadowbank AS affiliate. A juvenile match has been arranged for the Dockyard on the 25th July. Member S.Rowe was reported for fishing Top Flash in the closed season and recieved a three year ban.

26th October@ BritishLegion
G.Ledwards present. It was reported that all the juveniles in the match blanked.
(national carp record is currently 31lb 4oz)

29th February@ British Legion AGM
Officers returned the same as last year. L.Green won the Bryning cup with a 4lb 10oz bream and a prize of £1-3/3. A.Preston won the Infirmary cup with a 2oz 1dr gudgeon and a prize of £1-13/3. Northwich JAA have applied to net the Ocean to stock the river at Newbridge.

March @ rechabites rest
Princes Feathers affiliate.

30th May @ Rifleman inn
Northwich JAA report taking 3,000 fish from the Ocean netting. There is a foot and mouth outbreak at Lea Green, fishing is restricted on the Upper Weaver. There is also an outbreak at Warmingham, fishing is stopped at Croxton and Sproston.
25th June
@ Ark inn
The match result from Wades crossing-1st J.Smith 3lb 9oz, 2nd 2lb 6oz 8dr, 3rd 2lb 5oz.
1st August @ rechabites rest
The match result from Meadowbank - 1st P.Brandon 5lb 6oz 8dr, 2nd 5lb 5oz 6dr, 3rd 5lb 4oz 2dr.
(13 sept- Dick Walker catches Ravioli(Clarissa) at 44lb from Redmire pool)
30th October @ rechabites rest
A report on the juvenile match at the Dockyard, 66 youngsters fished. The Chairman expressed his thanks to all who helped to take fish from the ICI cistern at Meadowbank.
6th February
@ British Legion AGM
Officers returned as last year. Coronation year of Elizabeth II.
Optional pools were introduced to the matches. There were no entries to the Bryning or Infirmary cups.
W.Hickson was re appointed as water bailiff. The association is to apply for affiliation to the NFA. White Swan affiliated. £2 2/- was donated to the flood fund.
2nd April @ White Swan
The NFA replied, the application failed. It was decided to net the 'carp pit' on the 23rd May and 14th June.
18th June @ Ark inn
Mr Hopleys farm on Knights Grange was netted twice, and 2,000 carp plus roach to 1lb went into the Weaver and Newpool. Enquiries are to be made to rent the carp pit.
19th February @ British legion AGM
President J.Hallmark, Chairman A.Preston, Secretary S.Oakes, Treasurer A.Wright.
S.Marshall won the Bryning cup with a 1lb 13oz carp and a prize of £2-1/0.
L.Green won the Infirmary cup with an 8oz 4dr dace and a prize of £2-19/6.
W.Hickson was re appointed as water bailiff. British legion Middlewich affiliate ??#
20th May @ British legion Middlewich
The secretary reported that the old river at Newbridge was shortly to be filled in and the ICI was to use most of the space for waste lime pits. In such case it was desirable that the fish should be netted and transferred to the nearby river, to take place saturday 22nd May. S.Gill offered to make his boat available. Northwich offered to lend #- refused# Co op anglers affiliated.

.....................................................The old river destined to be filled in with
..................................................spent lime.

23rd July @ Ark inn
It was reported that S.Gill's boat was a total loss, agreed we pay half if Northwich agree same as compensation.
( no idea what occured)
17th February @ Rifleman AGM
Officers returned same as last year. W.Hickson was re appointed as water bailiff with a raise from £3-10/- to £5. R.Goodier won the Bryning cup and a prize of 18/-. A.Preston won the Infirmary cup and a prize of £1-10/-. Newbridge- a letter was read from Mr Wilson stating that we could have this water and also one from Northwich JA aknowledging our claim.
16th February
@ Rifleman AGM
Officers returned same as last year. We are still affiliated to Northwich JA and Cheshire AA. J.Curzon won both the Bryning and Infirmary cups with a 1lb 9oz 2dr roach.
2nd November @ Wheatsheaf
A meeting was called to elect a new secretary as S.Oakes was retiring due to ill health. Assistant secretary W.Brandon is to take over.
23rd November @ Rifleman
Sadly Mr Oakes has passed away.
22nd February
@ Rifleman AGM
Officers returned same as last year, W.Brandon is the new secretary. Water bailiff W.Hickson is joined by J.Hatton. J.Brandon won the Bryning cup with a 2lb 6oz carp and a prize of £1-1/3. A.Preston won the Infirmary cup with a 2oz 6dr gudgeon and a prize of £2-3/0. Queens Arms affiliated.
18th May @ Princes feathers
A description was given of all the work done at Newpool with such a small amount of men and it was proposed that more help should be given. It was agreed that the next effort should be done on sunday 12th may so more members could offer their services. A roll call was made of the members that could attend. Permission has been given to net the carp pits in june in return for some notice boards.
14th February
@ Red lion AGM
President J.Hallmark, Chairman G.Mainwaring, Secretary W.Brandon, Treasurer A.Wright, water bailiffs as last year.G.Hughes won the Bryning cup with a 2lb 2oz bream. The Infirmary cup was not won so the prize money was donated to the next junior match. Mr A.Preston Snr became an honorary member. All England championship match was mentioned, 2 matches on the Welland, nominated were J.Brandon, L.Green, R.Dunning, R.Goodier and G.Ledwards.

7th November @Red lion
It was reported that there was a breach in the canal at Church Minshull and all fish were lost.

7th February @ Wheatsheaf AGM
Officers returned same as last year. 2 minutes silence for Mr H.Hanson of Gravel Angling club. T.Tomlinson won the Infirmary cup with a 1lb 5oz perch. J.Johnson won the Bryning cup with a 3lb 6oz bream.
10th April @ Queens arms
Bailiff W.Hickson reported that Newpool was in need of repair as it was losing so much water, and asked for volunteers.
3rd July @ Red lion
Memoriam for two members, W.Latham and E.Clare. Joe Hallmark trophy purchased, a team event, six man affiliated teams only.
4th September @ Wheatsheaf
A memoriam was held for president Joe Hallmark.
A report of pollution below Winsford bridge. Audley Angling club held a match on Target meadows under the impression that it was free fishing, they sent a letter of apology and a postal order for 22/-. The Hallmark match is to be held on Kitchen Meadows, Target Meadows, and Platts field.

..........................................................................fishingrookery (rookery pool at this time)

Kitchen meadows and Platts field are still on the Association card.
Target meadow was adjacent to Middle flash (long since gone).
Wades crossing was along New road opposite the Jubilee or Wade
works (Over works).


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direct reference
Winsford Angling Society minutes..1898-1908
Winsford and District Angling Association minutes.1908-1998

reference material
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