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Every effort has been made to decipher the reports but some of the handwriting is illegible.
  Sensitive omissions are inevitable. A hash tag after names indicates illegible writing.
Venue names will be as written (modern place names in brackets). Transcribed from the
original minutes (some copies supplied by the Winsford local history society).
O S survey maps courtesy of
National Library of Scotland.

Part 4

[Winsford anglers association 1933-1938]


20th jan
Newton brewery and Progressive anglers affiliated.
10th Feb J Burgess chairman, J Fletcher, W Lever, A Preston, T Dean, K Wigley, J Wilson, G Hankey, G Dean, A Wright, S Oakes.  Letters are to be sent regarding fishing to Mr Kent of Byley hall, Mr Fred Baker of Cranage, Mr Percival of Sproston green, Mr Massey of Cranage mill and Mr Baelein of Whatcroft hall.
17th Feb agm @ Newton brewery President J O Webb, Chairman J.Burgess weaver anglers,
Secretary S.Oakes Riflemann inn anglers, Treasurer A.Wright Rifleman inn anglers.  Card prices to be reduced  from 5/- to 2/6 and from 2/6 to 1/-.
Honorary members Captain Willbraham, Captain France Hayhurst, Mr W Garnett.
S.Oakes is to be the water bailiff for the Willbraham estate.
Proposed that Sunday fishing be allowed from Winsford bridge to Lycetts byte, carried.
Owing to a severe debate regarding the Progressive club taking over the fishing rights
at Croxton a great deal of valuable business was neglected.
The meeting closed amidst a lot of arbitration, the majority of which was too personal to
enter into business.
April @ Rifleman.  No angler to take more than one fish from the canal (letter from LMS canal
section manager). Letter from the Salt union , giving the association permission to fish from
Winsford bridge to Uploont works for £1-1-0 per annum.
May  @ Golden lion middlewich.  Northwich joint anglers are refused affiliation to
this association over unpaid debts.
The Salt union gave permission for two notice boards to be erected.
June Old cup to be fished for by teams of four, at the same time as the annual open match, cup to be held for one year. 1/- per annum to be paid to Mr Platt as an acknowledgement  of his waters so as to keep off tress passers. The water in front of the Silica works is let to the Progressive angling society. A donation to the Association of 10/6 was received from
Lord Calum Crichton Stuart. A letter was sent to the Salt Union to try to gain permission
to fish from the Red office to the brine cistern at the Vacuum salt works, this was denied.
Mr Brooks opposite to Weaver Hall was leased at 5 shillings.

July An offer is made to Major Jackson for the fishing rights at Vale Royal of £20, but he decided that Winsford anglers association should take over the same if willing, carried. The chairman’s suggestion was accepted, that each of the 155 members of this association should have 1d per week added to his contributions eventually raising the cost of cards to members to 4/6.

........................ ......... ..................poolrookery
August A water bailiff for the Vale royal, the keeper on the Vale royal estate to be asked- offered £1 plus 10% on any cards sold. Day permits offered at 2/-. Notice boards cost 5/-
September A letter read from Winsford guardian as to Sunday fishing at rookery. Two members of ? Club are allowed to fish at a time under a special permit from Lord Delamere.  Norman Ledwards- reported that Mr Ledwards was a member of Weaver anglers (affiliated) and was also a member of Winsford progressive anglers, thus banned as a member of this association.
October  Mr Ledwards was reinstated after Winsford progressive anglers broke up.  New member J.Wilson. 50 badges purchased at £1. Eel spearing was banned.
November Wharton pioneer angling society affiliated.
January @ Red lion AGM President Webb, chairman Burgess, secretary S.Oakes, treasurer A,Wright.  Proposed that no club match be allowed on the same day as a big contest. Association affiliates to Northwich joint anglers and Cheshire anglers association.  Vale royal pools ? Travelers rest affiliate.
February  A letter from LMS ( shropshire union canal section ) that 14,000 mixed coarse fish
have been stocked into the canal. Ref to Clive farm?
March Members G.Preston, J.Taylor, C.Brooks, T.Tomlinson, J.Sandbach, J.Goulding, L.Fitton,
W.Boden, G.Hankey, J.Wrench. Captain France Hayhurst (
Hayhurst_family) agrees to our taking over his stretch of the dane at £2 per annum payable in
advance from january 1st 1935, croxton. Members may weigh in from here. Day tickets to be made available in view of the letters received. An extra match to be held from ferry steps onwards. The usual match  to be held but no infirmary match. Secretary reported on the difficulties of fishing petty pool from the bank, Lord Delamere
(,_3rd_Baron_Delamere)  won’t allow boats,
permission to be sought for the erection of three stages on pettypool wood side.  8 day ticket books issued out. River Dane at croxton polluted.
June @ Travellers rest. A letter was read from Winsford chronicle. This article, inserted by a
gentleman under the non-de-plume of ‘Tisso’ referred to stream fishing and the illegality of any
person, other than anyone holding a Winsford anglers card, fishing from a boat  on the flashes-
proposed that two notice boards be placed on Target meadow and at weaver hall and that ‘no
fishing Sunday’ be printed on them ( cost 18/-). Boat owners to be written to as to hiring
boats for fishing to persons without a card

July  The waters of Mr Harrison at church minshull are taken on.
After an exchange of letters  and an interview with the vicar of Whitegate
., after the vicar suffered verbal abuse, it was decided that ‘all night’ fishing should cease and no fishing between 10.30pm and  2.30am be allowed at newpool, pettypool and rookery pool.  NJA  J.Burgess and S.Vickers chosen to fish in the all England contest  and both to be paid £1 each. Reported that members cards are selling well.
September A letter was read from Major G P Jackson that the tenancy for Vale royal pools
would end  at the end of this season.
It was decided that all things being considered it would be best to finish with these pools
on 31st Dec 1934.

November  A question was asked as to the prevalence of otters, it was decided  to interview the
keeper on the weaver as to shooting them, if he is allowed to do so , paying him 5/- per head.
January AGM President Captain Willbraham ,   officers as last year.  Again affiliated to NJA and CAA. Member S.Ledwards Rifleman.  A letter was received from Capt Willbraham offering a challenge cup for the heaviest fish caught in the flashes or river. Pike and eel to be barred , from all weaver to bostock ?ipe. Begins 1st feb. Prevalence of otters was discussed and eventually it was decided that 5/- be paid to anyone killing one. Restocking of the flashes was discussed but it was decided to get rid of the otters first., amendment £10 of fish to be put in this year. Obituary Tom Greatbanks, Gravel angling society.
March @ Rifleman Royal oak angling society affiliate. Association becomes members of the
freshwater fish protection league. Sewage entering the Dane at croxton, Middlewich UDC to be
June @ North western. A reply from Middlewich UDC  giving assurance that all reasonable
steps would be taken  to prevent pollution and that the silk factory had taken steps to stop 
silk getting in the river.
In february 35 Mr Hough caught a trout, 4 3/4 ounces and the fish was 9 inches long; It caused a stir, as his club Weaver angling society rejected it, decision made on receipt of a letter from Mr Potts secretary of Cheshire anglers association ; Mr Hough  now decided to appeal to the association and was invited to be present. He stated that he thought that he had not had a fair deal and produced evidence to show that it was possible for a trout of 4 3/4 ounces to be 9 inches long ; A long heated discussion ensued ; a proposition that it is allowed to stand , amendment that a member from each affiliated club act as a committee to settle the matter ; subsequently the above proposal and amendment were withdrawn on the chairmans suggestion and the following resolution passed - that this executive council recommends that this trout be allowed to stand  and that the matter be referred to the Weaver angling society  for reconsideration. ALL ENGLAND MATCH NOMINATIONS.#
12 July @ Royal oak( now de bees ). Special general meeting called as a consequence of the trout issue- should any member feel he has not had a fair deal by his club he shall be allowed to appeal to the association whose decision shall be final. Members are bringing back Dace full of spawn just before the season closes , p+s that from feb 14th to march 14th no member be  allowed to bring home more than one dace and that for the purpose of weighing only, and that the standard size be increased to 8 inches on 1st jan 36, also that trout be increased to 10 inches.
August @ Golden lion. The chairman indicated that, as he had lost interest in the proceedings of the association, he would like to be relieved of the chairmanship. The resignation was accepted and thanks accorded him for his services. Mr S.Ledwards  of rifleman anglers was appointed chairman in his stead.
December @ Oddfellows( now a shop) . A letter from LMS canal that they had put 4,000 coarse fish in the canal between beeston and chistleton.
February  AGM @ Red lion. Financially a poor year- it was decided to drop the water at Cranage of  Mr BAKER. Individual cards raised to 3/6, members at 3/-.  Captain Willbraham sold the weaver estate to the salt union, we now have to approach P.G.Barlow over presidency, eventually P.N.Gandy ( agent of the weaver estate ( possibly the butcher Mr Gandy from dean street, later became a tackle shop) appointed president. S.Ledward chair, S.Oakes sec, A.Wright treasurer. 1st winner of the Willbraham cup is Mr Harry Burgess with a 1lb 2oz roach. Cheshire cheese affiliated. We again affiliate to NJA and CAA.
29 May @ Cheshire cheese. The annual match to be held on the canal, 1st august, draw at Normans bridge. The old cup still being fished for as a team of four. It was reported that Captain Platt had been complaining of anglers not passing through his yard to fish on his land. The cause of this was that he had a savage dog running loose in his yard and it had attacked several people (in fact J.Hulse was bitten) , the secretary is to write to Capt. Platt. 
It was reported that complaints had been made of anglers lighting lamps close to haystacks due to fishing in the dark- resolved that no fishing be allowed between one hour after sunset  and one hour before sunrise. This to apply to all waters, clubs to be informed.
3rd July @ Rechabites rest. Decided to get posters to advertise the annual match. Individual
members, holding a winsford card and living within 7 miles radius of winsford, can compete for the association cup.
18th September @ Rifleman. Charles Newall won the individual, Weaver anglers won the team
event in the annual match.
19th February AGM @ Red lion.
President P.V.Gandy, Chairman Alfred Oakes, Secretary S.Oakes, Treasurer A.V.Wright.  The
difference between member’s cards and individual cards is 6d. River Dane croxton, secretary
managed to gain a rent reduction from £2 to £1. Winner of the Willbraham cup was Harold Hanson with a 1lb 10oz perch, in the future entrance to this cup will cost 3d, and all entrants’ monies to be split 75% to the winner and 25% to the club.
5th March @ North western. Graves and Whitehall angling association put 500 two year old trout in the Dane at Byley, the association paid £2-10/- towards this. Resolved that any club not represented at an executive council meeting be fined 1/-, lists of members to be forwarded to the secretary before 16th june and any club failing to do so be fined 2/6. Bailiff appointed Mr James Bailey Cledford Middlewich.
7th May @ Royal oak. LMS put 15,000 mixed coarse fish in the canal at various points.

18th February AGM@ Red lion
President P.V.Gandy, Chairman H.Hanson,Secretary S.Oakes, Treasurer A.V.Wright. A question
arose over the anglers on the River Dane taking fish for pike baits, it was decided that the bank
walker be empowered to inspect any bait cans and throw out any under sized fish except
gudgeons. It was further resolved that all anglers fishing the Dane must have a keepnet.
Harold Hanson again won the Willbraham cup for the second year running. We are again
affiliated to the CAA, NJA and FFPL. A bailiff was appointed from Winsford bridge to opposite
the Vacuum plant, Mr T.Tomlinson on the usual commission.

....................The following report is by an unknown author, probably the Secretary.
'Once again the fishing season has come to a close with,I suppose it's usual regrets at all the
big fish one has just missed and on the other hand, the happy memories of the good times
one has had. Some of us seem to get too many of the former experience and never bring home
the bacon, I mean fish. The season has been rather quiet and is perhaps notable for the lack of
any incident of note.One most regrettable thing I should like to mention is that on two
occasions I saw a member of the Association prowling abouts with a small bore rifle.
I was told by one of the owners of the shooting rights to take a certain course but refrained because the member concerned would most probably have had to pay rather clearly severely, members should not need to be told that such acts are not duly dangerous to other users of the river but come under rule 23 of this association. Another thing I have noticed is that members often take non members with them fishing. This practise should cease, or the members will be dealt with again under rule 23. I am pleased to report that 16 juvenile cards have been sold and I think the time has come when something should be done to further stimulate young interest in angling. After all they are the fishermen of tomorrow, and everything possible should be done to encourage them.'
......The meeting closed with thanks to Mr Needham for the use of the room.

.......................LIST OF LAND OWNERS AND WATERS LEASED 1919-1938

Mr BAKER leased the Association a water at Cranage.
CAPTAIN PLATT leased the Association the Flashes.
Mr W.GARNETT leased the Association river Dane.
Mr MALCOLM leased the Association the Weaver.
Mr COOKSON leased the Assiciation the Weaver
MAJOR HUGH EDWARD WILLBRAHAM of DELAMERE/WEAVER HALL leased the association the Flashes and Ash brook.
SALT UNION leased the Association the Weaver.
MAJOR JACKSON leased the Association the waters at Vale Royal.
CAPTAIN FRANCE HAYHURST leased the Association the river Dane at Croxton.
LMS leased the Association the Shropshire Union Canal.

...................................................................... spooky

Otters are prevelent in the Weaver in this time period, and it's interesting to note that almost
50% of the landowners we lease from are of military backgrounds.

If any members have any further information to add to this article
please contact the association via email at

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