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Every effort has been made to decipher the reports but some of the handwriting is illegible.
  Sensitive omissions are inevitable. A hash tag after names indicates illegible writing.
Venue names will be as written (modern place names in brackets). Transcribed from the
original minutes (some copies supplied by the Winsford local history society).
O S survey maps courtesy of
National Library of Scotland.

Part 1

[Winsford angling society 1898-1908]

Maps OS1 WHARTON 1899



................................O.....................SOS map of the Weaver Valley from 1898

1st January
The first  elected President was Major Hugh Edward Willbraham MBE JP DL,
born Jan 1857 Delamere house died June 1930.
First recorded meeting F.W.Johnson in the chair.
The members present at the first meeting were Chairman Joseph Baker, Secretary  Sam Bennett ,  members G. Hallmark, W. Warils ,Sam Atkinson, E. Hancock, Arthur Ledwards.
5th  February 
Joseph Baker in the chair. Sam Atherton was nominated money steward.New members
admitted were mess’s Alf, Jos and Elijah Hitchen, William Davies, J. Corbett, M.Royston, Oliver Twiss, John Dutton, D  McKelvie, A. Hanson, E. Hassalls, W. Roes, Sam Bennett, John Burgess.
28th February
 Treasurer and Secretary S. Atherton was voted to the chair. Members present G. Hallmark, A. Ledwards, and Elijah Hitchen. 100 member cards were ordered. Sam Atherton  was nominated official  weigher in.
5th March
Members present Alf Oakes, Sam Atherton, chairman Arthur Ledwards , George Taylor, John Prophet .Fines are to be imposed for non attendance of meetings at a charge of 1d. Joss Heaton was admitted as member. Committee to meet at 5.30pm 17th march to revise the rules. The secretary is to write to Colonel Hayhurst for permission to fish on his lands.
12th March
Members present chairman A. Ledwards, W. Davies, John Tolley, Alf Oakes, and Sam
. The following notes and alterations advised by the committee are to be brought before members on April club night,; rules 1,2,3,4 and 5 to remain as before. Rule 6 to read as follows- there shall be a president and vice president chosen to hold office for the ensuing twelve months; a money steward and drinks steward to hold office for three months, to be called in, any person refusing to serve be fined 1d and if he consents to serve and does not attend he shall be fined 2d.  Rules 7 and 8 as before. Rule 9 rescinded. Rules 10, 11, 12 as before. Rule 13 to read after Society “He shall be expelled for one year without any claim whatsoever, his case afterwards to be decided by the committee. Rule 14 and 15 as before. Rule 16 rescinded. Rule 17 to be altered from the last Saturday to the first, and the hours from 8 to 10 to 7 to 8.30pm. Rules 18, 19, 20 as before. Rule 22 rescinded. 23 as before. 24 to read A member of Society # after # # before# . 25 as before. 26 to be added after the word shilling “no member to fish knowingly within 10 yards of another members feed". 27 rescinded. 28 as before. 29 to read “that if a member dies and has at the time any
prize fish weighed in, his relatives shall receive his prize should it stand good#. 30, 31, 32 as before. (unfortunately we do not have an old permit to refer to)
2nd April 
Arthur Ledwards
was proposed to the chair by John Prophet.  Proposed that “any member caught unlawfully taking fish in the closed season be fined 5/- first offense, 10/- second offense,expelled for the third offense”.
7th May
Revised rules were passed.
bankingwoodend......riverside remnants of the old 'Woodend' works
4th June  
John Prophet in the chair. The Chairman reported attending the executive meeting of the
N.A.A. held at Middlewich on 21st May, and he took exception to the Crewe centre delegates being paid out of the centre funds, and other delegates having to be paid from their own society. He thought some proposition should be sent from this society. The following proposition is to be forwarded to R. Cole the secretary of the Crewe centre to be put on the agenda at the next meeting to be held at Wheelock on the 23rd July next ; “ The Winsford Angling Society  proposes that each branch of the Crewe centre pays its own delegates expenses, or that each delegates expenses be paid from the common fund".  The first match will be on the first Saturday in July, the second on the first Saturday in August.  J. Corbett, J. Baker, F. Curzon and S. Atherton were chosen as judges for the season. If no weighers or judges are at hand when fish are brought to be weighed, they must be left until they can be seen by the judges. 
18th June 
  J. Baker chairman. Members present J. Corbett, J. Baker, J. Prophet, W. Davies, A. Oakes, E. Hancock,  F. Curzon, S. Atherton, J. Tolley, secretary and treasurer. The first association match is to be held on opposite side of Weaver hall, prizes  will be donated from
A. Mellor (butcher high street), R. Chester’s, W. Rose, W. Davies, W. Pimlott, S. Leach,
(cigars), Rogers, Mr. Shaw  (Herbalist), A. Oakes promised 2-0. Match to be 5 to 7 pm. Samuel  Lowe admitted as a member .First year specimen fish is to be roach, prize to be 5/~ to be paid at Christmas.
2nd July  
 G. Hallmark in the chair. J. Phillips and J. Dutton admitted as members. Rule 9 was
reinstated. Rule 15 was left out. Rule 23 to read “shall give notice to the secretary who shall call a special meeting of the committee, to conclude the same# , their decision to be final. Rule 24 to read“that two members be appointed to audit the society books before the anniversary day and mark out items for the distribution of prizes etc. The books to be audited and the prizes distributed after dinner. Rule 27 reinstated. Rule 28 to read after weight “in the year or forfeit all claim on the Society as no award can be received afterwards".
6th August
The second association match is to be fished either side of Weaver hall, the committee
to decide.  First prize to be 12/6 plus a pair of fishing clogs. All members who can spare the time are to assist in the matches.
First match results today 1st A. Ledwards. 2nd E. Howarth. 3rd A. Oakes, 4th J. Corbett,
5th W. Davies, 6th G. Taylor.
The next match is to be held on the ‘cinders’ in this month (UNKNOWN LOCATION).
vacuum plant........ the old vacuum plant wooden frontings postrotted
1st October 
Mr. Hitchen
ended up in an argument over a gudgeon ‘weighed in’; a man named Palin
saw Jos Hitchen fishing the Dane one day the same week he weighed in the gudgeon. F. Curzon took the trouble of going to Middlewich to interview Palin, Hitchen said he had not fished the Dane this season, then said he had about five weeks ago, the matter was held over. J. Stonely had sent a perch by a lad to be weighed in, instead of bringing the same himself according to rule 20, this matter also held over until next club night, Mr. Stonely is to be summoned to attend to offer up his excuse.
5th October
Mr. Hitchen
was freed of all suspicion, and the perch by Mr. Stonely was to stand for a
prize. Up to now all members have to be proposed and seconded.
14th January  
General meeting. Elected Major Willbraham president, John Prophet chairman,
W.Bluuet#   secretary, J. Corbett treasurer. Committee W. Warils, A. Ledward, Sam Atherton, G. Hallmark, John Tolley, F. Curzon, E. Astles, H. Hitchen. An approach is to be made to Major Willbraham regarding the fishing in the flashes. Mr. Hamlett has offered a special prize of 5/- for the best eel caught on rod and line. Mr. Royston promised a special prize. Mr. Hallmark promised a special prize value 3/- for the smallest fish caught.  Also a special prize, value 5/- for the men who took the most money.
members present G Hallmark vice chairman, Sam Blackburn, John Burgess, Stubbs,
Robinson, Dean, Tolley. 
Three matches are to be held this in year July, august and September. Weigher in to be appointed prior to.  Letters were sent to Major Willbraham and Sir John Verdin thanking them for allowing fishing on their lands.
Permission was given to fish the river at Vale Royal by Mr. Jackson.
F. Curzon in the chair.2nd match in 99 at vale royal. A subcommittee is to see the landlords
of the Golden lion and the Rechabites rest, as to which was more convenient for the club room for the coming year. Members accepted Roy McDean, Hitchen, E. Fletcher, Philip Stonely, G. Burrows, and Alf Hickson. Club card is free, each member compelled to buy a rule book (later rescinded)
30th December
Anniversary, proposed we have a dinner, 2nd Saturday in January, Golden lion.  Club
room for 1900 to be the guildhall. Elected officers ; president Major Willbraham, chairman Joseph Burrows, vice chair F. Curzon, Treasurer J. Corbett, committee A. Hitchen, W. Davies, W. Gaunt, A. Ledwards, D  McKelvie, Elijah Hitchen, Gus Eaton, G. Hallmark, S. Atherton, J. Maddew.  it was proposed that one dinner only be provided.
13th January
 Annual dinner at the Golden Lion. After dinner the chairman announced to members that
rudd and white dace would be added to the list of prize fish. Proposed that we ‘weigh in’ from the Newpool as well as from other waters we have permission to fish in.
6th February
A special committee meeting was held at Mr. Corbett’s house in reference to the death
of George Hallmark, a well-respected honorary member of this society. Owing to the short notice given it was impossible to inform all of the members of the committee but the following attended the meeting, F. Curzon, G. Gaton, A. Ledwards, W. Gaunt, S. Atherton , J. Maddew. In deciding what action the club should take in showing the respect in which he was held, it was proposed by A.Ledwards and seconded by J. Maddew and carried unanimously that the club should buy a wreath at the cost of about £1.
26th February 
W. Gaunt was elected money steward for the next three months. Proposed that
members, who require WAA cards shall pay for their own, carried.  Proposed that we do not
‘weigh-in’ from WAA waters, carried. Judging of fish- proposed that the judge’s judgment should be sufficient; amendment that we take no action until we can do so with certainty, carried.  Proposed that there be three Saturday and two Wednesday matches, carried. Wednesday matches at Weaver hall and Saturday matches at Vale royal.
24th March
It is being brought forward that two members of the society, F. Curzon and D. McKelvie are off to South Africa (Boar war),it was proposed that they both be kept on the books as full members for the present year, carried unanimously.
* Both men served as volunteer privates in the St John Ambulance Brigade and survived............


  New members  Josiah Brewyer, J. Fletcher
1st December
   Anniversary arranged for the 12th Jan at the Wheatsheaf, dinner and drinks included, plus an invite for the caretaker of the Guildhall. 100 tickets printed.
A present for Mrs. Corbett of 5 shillings for her trouble in replacing the scales
26th January

  Members present Harry Oakes, John Fowler, James Taylor, Joseph Carter, Ralph Sankey, James Dodd, Enoch Hilditch, James Carter, John Fowles, Alfred Percival, Mark Miles, Jo Joynson .
23rd February  
Proposed that we start a juvenile society, carried.  J. Maddew was struck off the
committee. J. Fletcher is money steward for three months.
23rd March 
Secretary to write to colonel Hayhurst to try to gain permission to fish the Dane.
New member Joe Smallwood.
28th March
Proposed that no member of the society be allowed to take more than one prize out of
each class of fish, carried. Fish counted and weighed at Mr. Corbett’s house?  A. Hickson
(elected to committee?)
New member A. Hardman.
22nd June
River Dane stocking- proposed that we do not take part and we are satisfied with our
present privileges.
9th September
A permit to visit Oulton, proposed that the secretary write and thank the agent for
granting us permission. Agreed not to weigh in from here, and members to make the best
arrangements they can for getting there.
3rd March

Any  member who takes part in fishing matches or other benefits of the society and is in
arrears at the end of the year shall not be allowed to become a member the following year until he pay up all arrears owing.
7th April
John Fowles is money stewards for the next three months.
28th July
The secretary is to write for permission to visit Oulton on Saturday 11th august and
Wednesday 22nd. Mr. Fodens funeral.
4th May
Three matches are arranged, to be fished on the first meadow as near Newbridge as
..............An.''An examination of the ordnance map of newbridge shows that the pool
.....................................once formed part of the original river course'.



15th November
Proposed that at the general meeting we have a knife and fork tea. Mrs. Buckley at
the Wheatsheaf to undertake the catering.
7th December
A fish is weighed in by A. Hickson, it is proposed that the fish be disallowed.
1st February
Members present G. Kennerly, Philip Stonely,John Mort, Mr. Armatige, John Tolley . Permission gained to fish at Vale royal. Members are chosen to meet the representatives of the Local Wharton angling society in regards to stocking Ash brook with trout. Thanks to mess’s G. Fowles and A. Ledwards for their success in getting permission to fish at Vale royal.
4th July
Proposed that 5/- be given for the best bream at Christmas, 5/- for the best eel, and 5/- for
the best roach and bream in the fishing matches. Members Sydney Brookes, John F#, Sam Hitchen.
1st November

A letter from secretary of Davenham angling society was read asking to send a delegate to a meeting held at Davenham in reference to stocking the river and forming a mid Cheshire
6th Feb
Proposed that we buy the pair of scales brought up by Mr. Corbett from Summerfield’s at
1906       no reports in the minutes
1907       no reports in the minutes

.............................the old Over salt works on the banks of the Weaver

..........................................................over salt works.........................................................

Fishing clogg's would have been exactly that,as many of the salt pan
workers wore wooden clogg's as it was the only material not to rot.

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