Rookery pool

1932 21932 31932 island
These top three images were supplied by Mr Arthur Yearsley of Cassia Lodge farm
in 1962, the phototgraphs having been taken in 1932.
The first image on the left is the view from the woods side towards the meadows
with the island just to the left of the picture.The 'spooky' centre image is from the start of the
pool with the island coming in from the left,the dam is well away to the left round the trees, and
a small child looking up the tree. The third image is unknown but looks like the island.


gatesign up
On the left is the entrance gate as photographed 9th may 1962. The right photo is
obviously staged for the camera of the signs being erected in 1960,for Winnington
Park ICI club. On the far right is Mr Eric Euston.

ice fishing

The left shot is taken during the 1962/3 winter freeze where the ice was measured
at a thickness of 27 inches ! The other image is 'looking west' 11am 5th July 1962.


Stages being erected, stockings taking place of mirror carp and rudd in December 1964,
and finally a catch of crucian carp being proudly displayed.