Bottom flash in the 90s

These top five images were taken in 1991 and 1992 of the sections
of Bottom Flash owned and leased by WDAA.
The first image on the left is the view from the ways green towards the caravan park, and
the second is theview straight down the flash from the same point. The third image is of
the 'woodbox' as it was in 1991. The fourth image is of the dockyard length again in 1991,
and the final image is the view from the woodbox in 1991.


On the left is Tomlinsons field by the Yachting club as it used to look
in 1992 when it was a WDAA water, as is the second image.
The third image is of the weed beds that used to appear off Walker's and Tomlinsons
land in the early 90s. The fourth is the view from the Yacht club towards the gas tower
in 1992.


Summer fishing conditions off Walkers land in 1993.
Levels were low and weed was thick so anglers were forced to don 'chesties' and go out
to the fish, many good fish caught that summer.


The left shot is taken from the top of the Yacht club bank in 1992 looking across
the water to Swan's island, and a closer view in image two. The only way to
access the island was by wading.
The third is taken from near to the end of the original spit. The fourth image is taken from the
tip of Rilshaw field looking towards Walkers in 1993.


First pic is again from Rilshaw tip now in 1994.
The second is of the old wooden cart that used to be off Tomlinsons field in 1994, sadly removed.
The third and fourth pictures are of the sandbars that used to appear due to the silt pushing
through the gap between the spit and the island, taken in 1995.


Summer sunrise 1995 Yacht club.
The second shot is taken from Rilshaw looking across to the Yacht club in 1995, and the third
looking to the Dockyard from Ways green in 1996.


Left pic is the disabled stages on Rilshaw in 1997, completely useless.
The second and third images are of the construction of the permissive path by the
council across the Dockyard length in 1997. The fourth is of the woodbox being started
in 2002.


November 2008, and the removal of a sandbar. In the third image
the spit gets extended in 2001!


Rilshaw tip view 2018