established 1908



All anglers MUST make themselves familiar with the SAC rules
below and strictly adhere to them.
All members, bailiffs and officials of Shrewsbury Anglers Club
have the right to inspect your WDAA membership card.


For all Members and Joining Members to be aware and anyone wishing to join to be familiar with
Our Club's rules below. Prince Albert Angling Society have Salmon rights upon
the Preston Boats stretch.
1. The close season as fixed by Law applies via March 15th to June 16 inclusive. Anyone found
fishing during the closed season WILL be reported to the Environmental Agency.
2. All Members must carry a valid Environmental Agency National Rod Licence when fishing or
preparing to fish the Club Waters. Anyone NOT in possession of a valid permit WILL be asked to
leave the waters AND maybe reported to EA and even the Police.
3. Anyone fishing the Club Waters must carry their membership card in Advance, A SAC Club
Membership at £25 with an Additional £5 Joining fee total £30. Anyone NOT in possession of a
 Membership Card or refusing to purchase a Club Membership Card WILL be asked to leave the
water AND maybe reported to Police for further action taken and by the Club Committee.
4. Night fishing is allowed for one night only to WDAA members on all lengths.
Also respect given to local people and within noise and torches especially to their homes in the
5. ALL Members are expected to check their cards AND EA Rod Licences of fellow angler's and
to ask anyone NOT in possession of valid permits or Licences to leave the waters. If the
individual refuses, the Secretary, Chris Wood - 07792867732) or another Official of the Club is to
 be contacted immediately to allow further action to be taken which may included calling out the
6. Any Member, finding another Member breaking the Club's rules, must first ask to see his card,
when in possession of this, the offending Member is to be asked to leave the water. The card is
 to be sent to the Secretary (Chris Wood) as soon as possible together with an explanation for
disciplinary actions to be considered.
7. Any Member, finding another Member causing vandalism, defacing or removing notices or
signs, leaving rubbish, litter, or line, or lighting fires WILL be banned for period of no less than 12
 months. (Fully Supervised bonfires may be used by work parties to dispose of grass cuttings,
tree trimmings and the like provide they cause no discomfort or nuisance to anyone nearby.)
8. Any Member being violent, aggressive, or using threatening behaviour or language to another
angler, Water Keeper or Club Official WILL BE BANNED FOR LIFE.
9. Any Member causing any other disturbance or nuisance to other anglers or water users will be
reported to the Committee for disciplinary action.
10. Other than the matches, the use of keep nets is not permitted for anything other than ''silver
fish'' i.e - Dace, Roach, Gudgeon etc....
11. Unhooking mats MUST be carried and used for barbel, chub, bream and pike.
12. ALL rigs must be either free running or must be safety rigs. Anyone found to be using 'death'
rigs WILL be BANNED FOR LIFE. A "death" rig being a rig with a fixed lead that isn't easily
dropped in the event of a fish being lost.
13. Wading is allowed but it is incumbent upon the angler concerned to ensure their own safety
at all times and be considerate of other anglers.
14. ALL fish caught MUST be returned safely in the Club waters. The removal of ANY fish
without prior permission from the Committee is NOT ALLOWED.
15. Prince Albert Members have the right to fish our bank of the Preston Boats stretch for
Salmon only and may request that you remove your lines from the water whilst they make a
maximum of three casts.
16. ALL Members are expected to abide by any reasonable request made to them by a Club
Water Keeper or other Official.
17. Parking at Preston Boats - Park only on the allowed areas (Not on fields or crops) and be
considerable to others in when Parking. Driving down to the water is NOT permitted EXCEPT in
the case of a life threatening emergency or emergency services.

The rules are for the benefit of Members and are not meant to inconvenience them in any way. It
will help all concerned if members not only stick to the rules themselves, but see that others do
 also. The renting of suitable waters is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain each year. It will
greatly help your Committee in the search for new waters if the utmost consideration is given to
the landowners and farmers of the waters fished at present. Please at all times, observe the
Country Code in respect of gates and crops etc... and of course leave NO LITTER.
The Shrewsbury Angler's Club also has a social media Policy regarding abusive, offensive or
racial hatred to towards both Committee Members or Club Members online and other Angling
 Clubs or Federations especially within the Local Area. Our Online Social Media is monitored
daily by SAC Admin, when any such thing above is seen, it will be screen shot as evidence and
removed as soon as possible. Then the correct and professional route of action will be taken,
both within the Committee and The Police.
Any unfounded or slanderous comments made towards The SAC or Committee Members will be
investigated by the Club then forward the evidence provided to the Police and possible Legal

Recent agm rules added……..
All vehicles must carry signage indicating club, visible through the windscreen
No braided hooklinks
Anglers must not be found to be asleep when night fishing with their lines still in the water, if you
intend to sleep remove your lines.
Bivvies may be used for shelter but strictly no bedchairs.
SAC officials have full authority over all anglers be they members of  SAC or WDAA


SAC Secretary....................................Chris Woods 07792867732
SAC Head water keeper.......................Dave Thorpe 07515365369
SAC Chairman...................................Lee McGowan 07715054748

All anglers fishing the association pools and rivers, have the right ,whenever questioned by a bailiff of the association,
to request that the bailiff also is able to show his/her card. If any members are asked to leave the water for whatever reason
by a bailiff and he/she fails to
produce a valid bailiff card please contact a member of the fishery management team or comittee.