established 1908



JUNE 16th to MARCH 14th

The association controls the fishing all around the bridge island and the two banks on the main road side. The fishing here can be good summer and winter, especially for the pike in winter, spinner or deadbait under the float working best. Skimmers and Roach the mainstay of the sport on the tip or pole ,and large perch patrol the walls.
The area was an intensive saltworks and the swing bridge is a reminder of the areas history. More details of the areas history can be found on the information boards around the weaver parkway, two of which are located by the wdaa length of newbridge river. This is the end of WDAA controlled lengths.

Day tickets are available on the bank. Directly alongside this stretch of the river is the Association pool, this pool is strictly members only.


All anglers fishing the association pools and rivers, have the right ,whenever questioned by a bailiff of the association, to request that the bailiff also is able to show his/her card. If any members are asked to leave the water for whatever reason by a bailiff and he/she fails to produce a valid bailiff card please contact a member of the fishery management team or comittee.