established 1908



JUNE 16th to MARCH 14th
postcode cw7 3al

The National Pool came onto the WDAA card in 2003. It lies besides the National stretch of the river Weaver and stands within the Weaver Valley Parkway area of Cheshire County Council.The Council lease us the water and they constructed the fishing platforms that surround it. The pool stands on the site of an old salt works which was demolished some years ago. The pool was then dug out and the banks created by the silt deposits from the dredging of the Bottom Flash in the 1970s.

There is a small island in the middle of the pool and the pool is fairly shallow. The pool contains no fish at the moment, and a program to return the water to a decent quality and stock fish is underway. There will be no carp stocked into this pool. A car park stands right next to the pool and is accessible via the public parkway track at the end of Weaver Valley Road, near Fords of Winsford. The Council have insisted that the entrance to the car park be permanently locked. WDAA members can find out how to obtain a key here.This used to be a popular pool in the school holidays and at weekends with our younger members. Finally, please don't transfer fish from the river into the pool and vice versa. The transferring of fish increases the risk of infection and disease and may result in a lifetime ban from the Association and prosecution by the EA. The pool is now open all year round for angling. No keepnets to be used during the close season under any circumstances.Night fishing is available.



All anglers fishing the association pools and rivers, have the right ,whenever questioned by a bailiff of the association, to request that the bailiff also is able to show his/her card. If any members are asked to leave the water for whatever reason by a bailiff and he/she fails to produce a valid bailiff card please contact a member of the fishery management team or comittee.