established 1908



JUNE 16th to MARCH 14th
pegs 570 to 597

postcode cw7 2pa

The opposite side to the weaver parkway, a nice length on the road to the
salt mine, quite close parking and not as public as the ferry steps length so
more suitable for the less agile of us. This length is renowned for its reliability
during floods to be fishable. The mainstay of sport is for the match or pleasure
angler seeking bream and skimmers, with good carp and pike moving through
from time to time. Roach,eels and perch also,with feeder or pole working best
Meadow island is seperated from the aerosol length by a small inlet, fairly deep
and stinking black silt on the bottom, this is the remnants of the old river course
which was used as a barge dockyard and salt loading area.
Nevertheless, it still holds good fish from time to time.

Night fishing is available for 48hrs to anglers with the appropriate stamp,but
NOT in the inlet or on the Aerosol length, there is a residential park here.
Be aware of the regular match bookings.



All anglers fishing the association pools and rivers, have the right ,whenever questioned by a bailiff of the association, to request that the bailiff also is able to show his/her card. If any members are asked to leave the water for whatever reason by a bailiff and he/she fails to produce a valid bailiff card please contact a member of the fishery management team or comittee.