established 1908



JUNE 16th to MARCH 15th
Peg numbers 160 down to 113
postcode cw7 3bu

The river here is in the weaver parkway, so expect walkers,dogs and bikes!
It holds bream shoals, that may not show until the evening, and also is a good
area for the carp that pass through, with most pellets and boilies working.
Parts of the old bankings remain in places as this area used to be a
crowded salt industry and it can be deep close in. Evidence is all along the
river of its victorian history . It has also harboured odd large eels in the past.
Roach,perch,tench and pike are also present. Beware of passing barges when
targeting the carp or multiple rod setups. Do NOT set up on the path!
Parts of the Weaver parkway may be used from time to time for public
events such as the festivals. All attempts will be made to post any dates
on here as and when known.

Night fishing is available for 48hrs at your own risk.

Access is from the rear of the Red lion pub or from the car parks
near the Rangers office at Weaver valley road.
A trolley or barrow is seriously advised.


All anglers fishing the association pools and rivers, have the right ,whenever questioned by a bailiff of the association, to request that the bailiff also is able to show his/her card. If any members are asked to leave the water for whatever reason by a bailiff and he/she fails to produce a valid bailiff card please contact a member of the fishery management team or comittee.